1) Can I reach out to the support team from the game ?

Ans:- You can reach out to the support team from the game by going to the settings and tapping the "Support Email" button.


2) Is there any way I can redeem the coins into money?

Ans :- Coins in the game are its virtual currency only, that cannot be redeemed into real money. This currency can be used to play CM-Ludo  games and you can redeem with winning prize money.


3) Can I OFF or ON the sounds and vibrations while playing game ?

Ans :- Yes you can change the settings while you are playing game,go and click on the top left dashboard icon in that click on settings and there you can manage the settings.


4) Is reset password come to my email ?

Ans :- Yes the recent password will sent to your  mail.id which your gave while registering


5) After resetting my password will I get my coins back ?

Ans :- Yes you will receive your coins back after relogin 


6) Can I play with my friends who are living in other contry.

Ans:- You can play with your abroad Frnds through private room