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One App,
Many Exciting Features

  • Track Your Progress

  • Competitive Spirit

  • Exclusive Bonuses

  • Monthly/ Weekly Leaderboard Rewards

  • Global Recognition

  • Friendly Competion

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Game Rules :

  • If the player miss three chances, then the player will be out of the game.

  • If the player exits the game wantedly within 30 sec then he will not get the bet amount back.

  • If the player disconnects the internet or if he minimizes the game than we wil be considered as loser or lost the game.

  • Once the timer is finished and if the player does not reconnect back to the game then he will lose the game.

  • For every redeem the transaction charges of 12rs will be deducted.

  • TDS of 30% will be deducted for the conversion over the daily limit.

  • After completing the KYC the player will get 100 bonus coins in his lock bonus to start playing the game.

  • The referral bonus 50 coins will be added if the referred person will complete his KYC successfully.

  • If the player exits the game in between then he will be out of the game.

  • TDS is applied on converting the amount more than the daily limit.

  • Continues misbehaving of internet in the game will may lead to the account blocking.

  • If our team finds a technical issue in the game than the bet amount will be shared equally.

  • Also the possibility of winning percentage will be checked while sharing the bet amount equally.

  • Any redeems getting failed from the receiver account will be refunded back to VIP/ WALLET amount.

  • Any recharges not added to the game will be manually checked and added on informing to our Support Team thorough Call/ Chat.

  • Any redeem request received by playing private games and converting the lock amount will not be accepted from our side.

  • Each player will get cashback of upto 10% on his first successful recharge.

  • The player who is leading the leaderboard will receive weekly bonus.

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